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    Upgrade to remove ads. Review of a primiparous woman's labor and birth record reveals a prolonged second stage of labor and extended time in the stirrups. Based on an interpretation of these findings, the nurse would be especially alert for which of the following? Thrombophlebitis The woman is at risk for thrombophlebitis due to the prolonged second stage of labor, necessitating an increased amount of time in bed, and venous pooling that occurs when the woman's legs are in stirrups for a long period of time.

    These findings are unrelated to retained placental fragments, which would lead to uterine subinvolution, or hypertension. As part of an inservice program, a nurse is describing a transient, self-limiting mood disorder that affects mothers after childbirth.

    The nurse correctly identifies this as postpartum: Blues Postpartum blues are manifested by mild depressive symptoms of anxiety, irritability, mood swings, tearfulness, increased sensitivity, feelings of being overwhelmed, and fatigue.

    They are usually self-limiting and require no formal treatment other than reassurance and validation of the woman's experience as well as assistance in caring for Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 and her newborn.

    Postpartum depression is a major depressive Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 associated with childbirth. Postpartum psychosis is at the severe end of the continuum of postpartum emotional disorders. Bipolar disorder refers to a mood disorder typically involving episodes of depression and mania. A woman who is 2 weeks postpartum calls the clinic and says, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, "My left breast hurts.

    Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 addition to pain, the nurse would assess for which of the following? Hardening of an area in the affected breast Mastitis is characterized by a tender, hot, red, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, painful area on the affected breast, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3.

    An inverted nipple Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 not associated with mastitis. With mastitis, the breast is distended with milk, the area is inflamed not ecchymoticand there is breast tenderness.

    A group of students are reviewing the causes of postpartum hemorrhage. The students demonstrate understanding of the information when they identify which of the Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 as the most common cause?

    Uterine atony The most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage is uterine atony, failure of the uterus to contract and retract after birth. The uterus must remain contracted after birth to control bleeding from the placental site. Labor Potsdam Varikosette is a risk factor for postpartum hemorrhage.

    Lacerations of the birth canal and uterine inversion may cause postpartum hemorrhage, but these are not the most common cause. After presenting a class on measures to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, the presenter determines that the teaching was successful when Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 class states which of the following as an important measure to prevent postpartum hemorrhage due to retained placental fragments?

    Inspecting the placenta after delivery for intactness After birth, a thorough inspection of the placenta is necessary to confirm its intactness because tears or fragments left inside may indicate an accessory lobe or placenta accreta.

    These can lead to profuse hemorrhage because the uterus is unable to contract fully. Administering antibiotics would be appropriate for preventing infection, not postpartum hemorrhage. Manual removal of the placenta or excessive traction on the umbilical cord can lead to uterine inversion, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, which in turn would result in hemorrhage.

    A multipara client develops thrombophlebitis after delivery. Which of the following would alert the nurse to the need for immediate intervention? Dyspnea, Salbe mit Heparin Thrombophlebitis, hypotension, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, and Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 pain Sudden unexplained shortness of breath and complaints of chest pain along with diaphoresis and hypotension suggest pulmonary embolism, which requires immediate action.

    Other signs and symptoms include tachycardia, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, apprehension, hemoptysis, syncope, and sudden change Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 the woman's mental status secondary to hypoxemia.

    Anorexia, seizures, and jaundice are unrelated to a pulmonary embolism. A client experienced prolonged labor with prolonged premature rupture of membranes.

    The nurse would be alert for which of the following in the mother and the newborn? Infection Although hemorrhage, trauma, and hypovolemia may be problems, the prolonged labor with the premature rupture of membranes places the client at high risk for a postpartum infection.

    The rupture of membranes removes zur Behandlung von venösen Ulzera barrier of amniotic fluid so bacteria can ascend. When assessing the postpartum woman, the nurse uses indicators other than pulse rate and blood pressure for postpartum hemorrhage based on the knowledge that: These measurements may not change until after the blood loss is large The Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 signs of hemorrhage do not appear in the postpartum woman until as much as 1, to 2, mL of blood has been lost.

    In addition, accurate determination of actual blood loss is difficult because of blood pooling inside the uterus and on perineal pads, mattresses, and the floor.

    The nurse is assessing a woman with abruption placentae who has just given birth. The nurse would be alert for which of the following? Appearance of petechiae A complication Fuß Varizen Bewertungen abruptio placentae is disseminated intravascular coagulation DICwhich is manifested by petechiae, ecchymoses, and other signs of impaired clotting.

    Severe uterine pain, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, a board-like abdomen, and uterine inversion are not associated with abruptio placentae. A nurse is assessing a postpartum woman.

    Which finding would cause the nurse to be most concerned? Sharp stabbing chest pain with shortness of breath Sharp stabbing chest pain with shortness of breath suggests pulmonary embolism, an emergency that requires immediate action. Leg pain on ambulation with mild edema suggests superficial venous thrombosis. Calf pain on dorsiflexion of the foot may indicate deep vein thrombosis or a strained muscle or contusion. Perineal pain with swelling along the episiotomy might be a normal finding or suggest an infection.

    Of the conditions, pulmonary embolism is the most urgent. A woman experiencing postpartum hemorrhage is ordered to receive a uterotonic agent. Which of the following would the nurse least expect to administer? Terbutaline Terbutaline is a tocolytic agent used to halt preterm labor. It would not be used to treat postpartum hemorrhage. Oxytocin, methylergonovine, and carboprost are drugs used to manage postpartum hemorrhage.

    Which of the following would be Ointment 911 mit Krampfadern appropriate when massaging a woman's fundus? Wait until the uterus is firm to express clots. The uterus must be firm before attempts to express clots are made because application of firm pressure on an uncontracted uterus could lead to uterine inversion. One hand is placed on the fundus and the other hand is placed on the area above the symphysis pubis.

    Circular motions are used for massage. There is no specified amount of time for fundal massage. Uterine tissue responds quickly to touch, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, so it is important not to overmassage the fundus. After teaching a woman with a postpartum infection about care after discharge, which client statement indicates the need for additional teaching?

    The pad should be applied using a front-to-back motion. Notifying the health care provider of a temperature above A nurse suspects that a postpartum client is experiencing postpartum psychosis, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3. Which of the following would most likely lead the nurse to suspect this condition? Delirium Postpartum psychosis is at the severe end of the continuum of postpartum emotional disorders.

    It is manifested by depression that escalates to delirium, hallucinations, anger toward self and infant, bizarre behavior, mania, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, and thoughts of hurting herself and the infant. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3, and insomnia are associated with postpartum depression, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3. A postpartum woman is diagnosed with metritis. The nurse interprets this as an infection involving which of the following?

    Select all that apply. Endometrium Decidua Myometrium Metritis is an infectious condition that involves the endometrium, decidua, and adjacent myometrium of the uterus. Extension of metritis can result in parametritis, which involves the broad ligament and possibly the ovaries and fallopian tubes, or septic pelvic thrombophlebitis.

    A group of nursing students are reviewing information about mastitis and its causes, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3. A home health care nurse is assessing a postpartum woman who was discharged 2 days ago, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3.

    The woman tells the nurse that she has a low-grade fever and feels "lousy. Lower abdominal tenderness Anorexia Manifestations of metritis include lower abdominal tenderness or pain on one or both sides, elevated temperature, foul-smelling lochia, anorexia, nausea, fatigue and lethargy, leukocytosis and elevated sedimentation rate. Urgency and flank pain would suggest a urinary tract infection.

    Breast tenderness may be related to engorgement or suggest mastitis. A postpartum client comes to the clinic for her routine 6-week visit. The nurse assesses the client and suspects that she is experiencing subinvolution based on which of the following? Moderate lochia serosa Subinvolution is usually identified at the woman's postpartum examination 4 to 6 weeks after birth.

    The clinical picture includes a postpartum fundal height that is higher than expected, with a boggy uterus; the lochia fails to change colors from red to serosa to alba within a few weeks. Normally, at 4 to 6 weeks, lochia alba or no lochia would be present and the fundus would not be palpable. Thus evidence of lochia serosa suggests subinvolution, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3. Bruising would suggest a coagulopathy. Fever would suggest an infection.

    Assessment of a postpartum client reveals a firm uterus with bright-red bleeding and a localized bluish bulging area just under the skin at the perineum. The woman also is complaining of significant pelvic pain and is experiencing problems with voiding. The nurse suspects which of the following? Hematoma The woman most likely has a hematoma based on the findings: A laceration would involve a firm uterus with a steady stream or trickle of unclotted bright-red blood in the perineum.

    Bladder distention would be palpable along with a soft, boggy uterus that deviates from the midline, Thrombophlebitis Grad 3. Uterine atony would be noted by a uncontracted uterus. A postpartum woman is ordered to receive oxytocin to stimulate the uterus to contract.

    Which of the Thrombophlebitis Grad 3 would be most important for the Varizen Ei to do?

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