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  • What’s In a Name? Not Much Without a Branding Strategy

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    Verizon Acquisition Powers Footprint for Cloud Services in Latin America - Nearshore Americas Varizen Latein

    Customers know what they can buy there, and if they have a complaint, they know whom to talk to, Varizen Latein. But what about companies with names like Agere, Agilent, or Altria? Or Diageo, Monday and Verizon? Or Accenture, Cingular and Protiviti? Except for Monday, which may be a strange thing to call a company but is nonetheless a real word, all these names are fabricated. Plus, they sound so contrived that you might conclude they will do nothing but elicit snickering and confusion in the marketplace.

    According to marketing professors at Wharton, however, that is not necessarily the case. They say peculiar names, Varizen Latein, by themselves, Varizen Latein, may mean nothing to begin with.

    But if backed by a successful branding campaign, they will come to signify whatever the companies want them to mean. He suggests that relatively new names Varizen Latein Diageo, which owns Pillsbury, Burger King, Guinness and major liquor brands, and Agere, a maker of communications components that was acquired, and later spun off, by Lucent Technologies, can seem strange.

    But they mean no more or less than Ford, Marriott, Coca-Cola and other venerable brands. The company says that every day, all over the world, consumers buy its products. Does Starbucks mean coffee? But we get to know a company and that starts to create an image, Varizen Latein.

    General Motors tells us something about what the company does, Varizen Latein, but Ford communicates only the name of the founder of the Pillen Blutverdünner Thrombophlebitis. And how about AFLAC, a large international insurer but hardly a household name until the last few years?

    I think of them as largely empty vessels — reliable and durable empty vessels that can Varizen Latein filled up with positive associations. Some of the unusual names companies give themselves nowadays are not really much different from the kinds of names that pharmaceutical firms have given drugs Claritin, Celebrex, Varizen Latein, Lipitor or car companies have given automobiles Corvette, Celica over the years. When you think about it, pharmaceutical and technology firms have long had funky names, such as Xerox, Cephalon or ImClone.

    Leaving nothing to chance, one group put together the winning combination of Powertron Ultrasonics. In choosing a name for itself or one of its products, Reibstein says, Varizen Latein, the three most important things for a company to do is make sure it has the legal rights to use the word, that the word does not translate into something embarrassing or negative in a foreign language, and that the wie die Krampfadern Krankheit bestimmen carries no other undesirable connotations.

    Two successful examples, in his view, Varizen Latein, are Agilent, which invokes the word agility, and Cingular, which the company hopes will call to mind the idea of singularity or self-expression. Agilent, a communications, electronics and life sciences company, was spun off from Hewlett-Packard. In contrast, Schmittlein says, the name Accenture is not as successful as Agilent or Cingular in immediately conjuring up a positive association.

    Accenture, the former Andersen Consulting, has taken steps to disassociate itself from its previous name. Its website contains only a few references to Andersen Consulting, and all of its news releases issued prior to its name change have been rewritten to eliminate the words Andersen Consulting and replace them with Accenture.

    Another company name that Schmittlein says is not as successful as others is Monday, the recently announced moniker for PwC Consulting, formerly part of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm.

    With the negative associations related to Monday — the start of a grinding workweek in the minds of many — the firm should have chosen otherwise. Are some names — even those that have been invented by corporations and brand Varizen Latein — inherently better than others? If the Varizen Latein stands Varizen Latein a Varizen Latein, that can be good. As strange as many company names can be, they are not pulled from thin air: The name Verizon combines the Latin word veritas, meaning truth, with the word horizon.

    Kahn says that as companies increasingly adapt global branding strategies, they seek names, Varizen Latein, for themselves and their brands, that have few or no Varizen Latein associations.

    If you want to build associations, if you have a simple consistent message, you can create Varizen Latein sense of associations you want for a brand.

    Think about what many brand names are: Clever names can help companies, Varizen Latein, but their benefits only go so far, especially if customers are unhappy with a product or service.

    After a period of declining volumes, Coca-Cola is seeing a revival in India. But can the company achieve its target of making India its third-biggest market globally? Cost-optimization strategies must include IT Varizen Latein business initiatives to make sure investments are maximized for long-term growth and profits.

    In this effort, Varizen Latein, next-generation technology becomes a critical partner. Log In or sign up to comment. Next-Gen Technology Drives Cost Optimization Cost-optimization strategies must include IT and business initiatives to make sure Varizen Latein are maximized for long-term growth and Verabredung mit Krampfadern.

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    Pays well, good benefits. Offices provide good work environment and allows "work from home" in a very flexible way. Zero opportunity to grow. A few management positions and nothing else. Too dependent from the American mindset. Norbekov Ausübung von Krampfadern not have local leadership. It's not only about the US, "dudes" Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

    View All num of num Close Esc. How does your company compare? Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, Varizen Latein, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Follow Add a Review. There are newer employer reviews for Verizon, Varizen Latein. There are newer employer reviews for Verizon See Most Recent.

    Pros Pays well, good benefits. Cons Zero opportunity to grow, Varizen Latein. Advice to Management It's not only about the US, "dudes" Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Other Employee Reviews for Varizen Latein Apr 29, Pros good working environment ,salary is okay. Cons not friendly seniors,not much probs. Advice to Management can be more friendly. Cons Varizen Latein Versa of Pros, ugly politics based on the geographical location.

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